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Conversation Between Ezekial and Norm

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  1. If only everyone on PSD had fnk on ignore...
  2. hahaha that's awesome
  3. I've been dying for a new Steam nickname to use. Today I saw this and it hit me

    That's my avatar in game and my ID is Angry Aaron Rodgers

  4. Lolol
  5. If he realizes he's not getting busted, then yes, he'll start to go HAM on me as per usual.

    I don't care if he's around as long as he doesn't take the forum hostage like he did was poochmcgee
  6. Norm is the ultimate dupe sniffer-outer.

    I give it week til he starts bad mouthing you.
  7. They're saying that's not a dupe but all those dupes do two things.

    Post in GB section
    And Cubs, and almost exclusively Cubs ML section.

    And they always have weird two word names

    Maxwell Daly
    Pooch McGee
    Boyd Crowler
    Carter Nash

    There was a couple more I've forgotten.

    It's him, but his IP is masked and I was told to let it go.
  8. Verdun. If you ever seriously consider wanting to play it, LMK. I'll buy you a key.

    It sucks because for a while I was getting them 4 CD keys for 5 bucks. Just trying to get friends to try it but then it went "full release" so they jumped up but they're sitll cheap. I think at one point I had like 10 extra keys and I just posted them here at PSD to get rid of them lol.

    They did some serious work to it a few months ago and fixed a lot of the terrible and they still update all the time. But back then I thought it was a dead project.
  9. For sure, what's the name of the shooter?
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