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Conversation Between Ezekial and Norm

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  1. Yeah man. I was like 16? Something like that. I can remember it was like I was yesterday. I remember being like DAAMNIT and somehow my father knew what was going on and hadn't looked away yet and he's like wait wait wait and Freeman is running and I was just going no ****ing way like 100 times. It was insane.
  2. Norm I was a little kid when the Miracle catch happened but I remember my mom let me stay up and watch the end of the game (Moday Night Football and I had school) and I will never forget when that happened.
  3. Haha, yeah I sure do man. It's all good, I know there's always going to be fans like that but when you know you have a good team you can't freak out after a couple close losses especially so few games into a season. A whole lot of fans here had all but given up on this season and now they are all back on the bandwagon and completely forgot about all the garbage they spewed all over the forum. Same thing happened last year. You think they would learn right? lol
  4. Remember when everyone was in panic mode and you and I were calm and trying to talk sense into people freaking out, calling for Jarrett Bush's head (haha even up until last week), etc.
    One guy even said who cares if Bush is playing amazing at ST, he's a ****** corner hahaha, bet he was jumping up and down last night when Jarrett got that muffed punt.
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