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Conversation Between Ezekial and Norm

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  1. FWIW, I think they genuinely want to improve it and want to do things right. It's just tricky to handle at this point.
  2. Yea it's ridiculous, they're past the point of no return.
    It's good that they realized they can't just ban everyone for no reason, or this place would have no one. I don't post how I used to, and I was pretty good at toeing the line before.
    I'll be in the green bay gdt, I think we'll have a pretty good group of guys for them. I was through with PSD and was gonna quit but came back for no reason after like 8 weeks. I devote most of my forum time to a hockey site now, but my computer is dual screened to two tvs in my living room- so I have a lot of internet time.
  3. MESSAGE WAS TOO LONG, read the other VM first.


    At least they're more lenient and not looking to go "how many people can we ban today?!" but there has to be some middle ground. At this point, new users aren't going to show up anymore that have ANY real quality, NONE, ZERO. Because it's a cesspool everywhere you go. It's like the damn comments at PFT. It makes Reddit look civilized.

    My only hope is we at least have some fun IGTs during the NFL and CFB seasons. Anything else is just icing on the cake. I'm basically done with it myself, no interesting exchanges go on anymore, too many lousy trolls around who have impunity, with barely any activity on top of it. Not to mention all the people that have huge personal issues with me for destroying them in football stuff time and time again are sprouting up again with their pitchforks to get me banned.
  4. Yeah. Letting these "social justice warriors" for lack of a better term run rampant has spilled everywhere. It's closed like 5 threads in a week in the NFL. I know it's slow time but still. It's like half of what they use this site for. Then all these clowns who contribute NOTHING to this site show up out of nowhere to take down thread after thread and then I'm the bad guy for calling them out. Like I had to put CCRider on ignore and if I reply to him again I get banned.....Yeah, because between me and CCRider, I'm the issue..riiiiight.

    The only reason guys like FNK and CCRider aren't banned is because we want them banned. And they won't want to be swayed by the common user or the masses. They're "above" us in their decision making.
  5. **** it, this place is toast.

    They have a suggestion thread as to make this place more active, I kinda wanna be like "you've allowed this place to turn into a cesspool of social and political discussion, essentially dividing the member base by more than fandom. This allowance has turned every discussion into a dividing debate that spills into every thread. This discourages better posters from coming here to share their opinions, as well as the moderation banning/discouraging good posters to stay due to favoritism and letting ****** posters like specialFNK to have their way. You've done this to yourselves, Zeek out."
  6. Religious nut gonna get your thread locked lol

    I swear this site is dominated by social racial and religious ****. It derails everything. They really need to start considering doing something about this despite the fact I know they want to be more lenient. It's pretty annoying.
  7. Oh man I gotta tell you a story about that when I'm back home. It's funny

  9. Haha lol I played along good
  10. Hahaha i can't believe he thought the meth thing was real
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