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Conversation Between Ezekial and Norm

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  1. Believe me it was was an easily understandable, very valid point.
  2. Yeah I wasn't saying anything about Sherman at all... Just speaking in general
  3. These guys man...

    Everything is a slight.
  4. Basically my entire point too.
  5. While I will admit I was openly calling him out, I wasn't saying anything that wasn't a response to his bull****

    😭 more, don't talk **** if you can't take it when proven wrong
  6. He swears he never reports. He told me to get a life and get a GF on my wall. Who's baiting who.
  7. The dude who reported every post about him, then waited for mods to respond, till they got deleted
  8. Yeah. Lionel is an interestin feller. I figured if I pick on him enough he might listen a bit and watch games.

    Who's a cry baby?
  9. I did mean you and Lionel, the first part was the cheese part.

    Sidenote, what a crybaby *****
  10. Oh, I thought you meant me and that Kap fan guy.
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