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Conversation Between NateyB24 and Norm

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  1. I never really payed attention to him in College he just seems like he would be good at running the football from the few highlights you see of him making stuff happen with his feet and the way he ran a LB over in the Dolphin game.
  2. The only thing worse than me thinking he can be a QB is the people who think he can play HB.
  3. If they convert Tebow to HB maybe who knows maybe he will have fixed his release within 3 years he will probaly be with another team though.
  4. Yeah he's still going to be HOF.
  5. That i was going to eat my words about Tebow. Not calling you out just wondering if you changed your opinion about him being any good.
  6. What was my opinion? That I wanted to see him play?

    No I didn't change my opinion.
  7. Change your opinion of Tebow now? I know people will say that the Line hasn't been protecting him but teams will blitz him knowing he will go back to his long release.
  8. You'll eat your words again. Don't worry.
  9. I think it sucks that we don't get to play the Broncos with Tebow playin .
  10. Elway is doing the right thing start Tim Tebow to suck for Luck! He stares down his recievers and he is not a natural thrower but you got me on that one but he will just confirm my thoughts on him.
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