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Conversation Between Blah Blah Blah and PeanutPunch33

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  1. Fair enough bro, I'm really sorry for the way I acted. The reason I got so mad was like, what if I was homeless? What if I was something else? Would you think that you're better than me because you're a doctor? I just took offense when the convo shifted to the personal life and that's my fault for not having thick skin. And I know you wouldn't think that because you mentioned that you don't think in that manner.

    At the end of the day we're all on the same side, we're all die hard Bears fans
  2. We will iron it out here
  3. Let's keep this via PM dude if u don't mind. I don't want the other folks to get involved since it has nothing to do with them and is none of their business.
  4. Its all informal online. Nobody spends time being exact. The posts are all riddled with errors. Its shorthand. Again u took things the wrong way. I mentioned how being against drafting black qbs is a stupid excuse and I still stand by that. Its a stupid and lazy excuse. U took it personally and attacked me as immature. So I pointed out my background to show that if I'm immature what would that make most ppl? Most ppl aren't in our position (again..props to u for ur accomplishments and I mean that with the utmost respect and as genuine as possible tbh..I really do). But u have to let things go and not taking everything so personally. I say those types of responses to everyone in life.. not just to u regarding "lazy excuses" and whatnot. Just got to have thick skin and move on. Nothing is meant to be a personal shot by my comments. Realize the context
  5. This entire thing started because I suggested that Pace didn't draft Watson due to a race issue. Why does it bother you so much that I feel that way? Bother you so much that you can insult me, PM me and then try to flex in my face that you're a doctor? Like I said I have no issues meeting up in real life and we can compare our bank accounts.

    Or, you can leave the personal **** out of it and we can just stick to talking sports.

    And I called you a 8th grader because you can't spell in any of your posts. I'd assume somebody in med school can formulate a basic grammatical sentence.
  6. I didn't go below the belt. U took it that way *******. That's on u. Not me. Man up and stop being sensitive. I'm pointing out that if I'm and 8th grader...what would that make most ppl given the background? That's what I'm saying. Not my fault u can't understand anything. An u have the audacity to call me out due to ur ineptitude. That's on u...not me. Have a good life
  7. I don't feel the need to brag to some nobody on a message board but if you insult my intelligence than I have no problem pointing to my accomplishments..congrats you got into ****in med school, big ****ing deal, I got a 172 on the LSAT and passed up Stanford law so I could work with my parents and continue managing properties do I have to brag about it to strangers online that I barely know? Just talk about football and if you disagree with what I said than have a rational argument instead of going below the belt
  8. Why don't we meet up then and settle it
  9. Just stop dude. U only make urself look bad and pathetic. Just stop. Disrespectful *******. Think what u want. If we ever meet in person...u will be me..thats a fact go on with ur selfish pathetic life. I'm done
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