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Conversation Between SAVAGE CLAW and hyp21

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  1. what would it take to get Tim Thomas?
  2. Salaries dont Match, Thomas 6 million Jason and Theo 3 Million.
  3. Donyell's pretty much out the door. I can give u Ratliff+Jason Smith+ more.
  4. Tim Thomas for Donyell Marshall?
  5. sixers
  6. and your team is...
  7. well u already know no one is gonna inquire about Marbury. Not real big on Curry. I like Tim Thomas personally
  8. If the Last Name is Marbury or Curry we could talk now.
  9. lemme know then cause I'm interested in a guy or two from ur team
  10. Ha Ha, ok.

    Well I have to Talk With Hellcrooner first to see what we want to do, Rebuild NOW, Rebuild later as in real life or try to contend.

    But essentially everybody could be had.
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