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Conversation Between Chrisclover and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. Fine, I understand the way you handle things as a mod. Being impartial is your responsibility.
    However, why dont you update the status of Pablonovi's ban?some posters who do not know the truth still think he will be back soon. Thanks.
  2. Unfortunately for Pablo the site's infraction points he recieved weren't of the small variety. 25 points of infractions for any one poster is an automatic permaban. He received a stereotype infraction for 10 and a racist post for 15 which lead to the automatic permaban.
  3. Thanks for answering my question. Was it appropriate to perma-ban a user in one day?because it left no chance for him to correct himself. As for as I know, he brought more positive and informative posts to PSD than his 2 infractions in a single day. Thanks
  4. Permabanned. The system didn't post a second thread after the other infraction was handed out I guess.
  5. Hi, LionsFan..LOL,my friend Pablonovi sent me an Email ,and said he was told by an Email that he was perma-banned . However ,the thread in the Village of the Banned says his ban will be lifted on Aug.7th. So is he perma-banned or not?Thank you.
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