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Conversation Between Chrisclover and Sports Illustrator

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  1. Yes, he has received a permaban due to accumulating 25 total points or more.
  2. Hi, SI,my friend Pablonovi sent me an Email ,and said he was told by an Email that he was perma-banned . However ,the thread in the Village of the Banned says his ban will be lifted on Aug.7th. So is he perma-banned or not?Thank you.
  3. You may want to check in with content-team on that, as he will be able to better answer that question for you.
  4. Hi, SI, i am now pleased to use tapatalk so far but is there any plan to build a new android app ?thanks for your reply in advance
  5. thank you
  6. Alright, the thread has now been moved into the GD forum.
  7. Hi, may i ask you a favor ?I wanted to start a thread in the general discussion forum but i posted in the lakers forum when I was using tapatalk, switching between lakers forum and GD forum.
    Please help me move it to the GD forum.the name of it is Sex Education in School ”. Thank you.
  8. Thanks man
  9. Done.
  10. Hi,SI, I have edit in my current username Chrisclever into my user title .Now ,please change my name into Chrisclover.The difference is just changing "e" into "o".Thank you very much
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