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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and valade16

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  1. I'm still here, saw you in Chatzy, I may go work out soon but I'm gonna be around most of the day. But I'm trying to make a million different deals right now, the first one that bites is the on I'm taking.
  2. Alright **** it, I can't believe I'm saying this, but we can do the deal without LaMarcus. I honestly only wanted him to keep him away from you anyway, I was gonna deal him for a pick. But I'd rather make the trade without him than not do it with him. West/10 for Moncrief/Kawhi.
  3. Alright man what's it gonna be?
  4. Let's finish this in a chatzy
  5. I've gotta go soon, so, yay/nay?
  6. My 2/3/9 for your 1/5/7?
  7. You on? If so let's see if we can make a trade for your 1st.
  8. With a later upgrade I'd consider it.
  9. It'd have to be 2/3 for 1/5 for me to consider it.
  10. Will do my 2/3 for your 1/4. I'll throw in a later upgrade as well.
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