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Conversation Between thawv and Ron!n

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  1. Maybe PSD should loosen up a little, so we can all enjoy poking fun at each other, and at our teams. It's almost like anyone with a sense of humor is looked at as a bad guy.
  2. I would normally agree, however, I'm sure you know Twan and we don't allow his type of threads so I couldn't really allow BB's threads.

    Plus it was just a shot at the posters that post articles from Fangraphs.
  3. What's up kid? I was just reading the thread about the "morale victories". I was commenting on how funny satirical writing is, when you deleted it........for "not funny"! We gotta have some fun on this site, and not be so uptight. Have a great day my friend.

  4. Yeah i had to because conjecture like that without evidence is only asking for trouble.

    But yeah we really need our pitching to step up. Hopefully Z has a big game today but I dunno. We need Cash and Wells soon
  5. What's up Ron? I see you deleted my thread. I understand that you may feel it's pointless, but about 90% of threads on here are pointless.

    Off topic.........we really need some pitching help!
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