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Conversation Between Ramon Nivar and homestarunner93

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  1. Haha, I love me some Walter. He's too harsh on some players, but I find I generally agree with him.
  2. Read through that list, dude does know his stuff. He's got sound arguments for everything. Maybe I've written off WalterFootball too soon.
  3. I disagree with Routt because his safeties are among the worst in the NFL but sounds solid. I don't like Welker #1 either.
  4. From #10 to #1: Stanford Routt, Antrel Rolle, DeAngelo Hall, Michael Turner (ya boy), LeGarrette Blount, Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss, DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick, and Wes Welker.
  5. I'm on my phone, but as long as Ryan isn't on it i'll probably agree.

    How perfect is this damn article? The only one I don't completely agree on is Marshall.
  7. Damn
  8. I can't really find anything that tickles my fancy, sorry.
  9. Well, what else can I send you along with Angerer?
  10. Yeah, but not straight up. You know I love me some DeAngelo. One of only a few backs who isn't average.
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