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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and BranWingss

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  1. Yupp deal
  2. Fine. I'll add a 4th. Deal?
  3. Nope.. Can't do it, sorry man
  4. Can't do that dude.. Do you accept my offer?
  5. You don't understand.. I have to move Booth for salary reasons..

    Kassian+3rd+Booth+Hansen+Schroeder for Riberio+Korpikoski.
  6. put Schroeder back in there instead of Booth and I'll forget the 3rd. If you have any interest in Korpikoski (add 2nd or 3rd) or Bissonette (7th) or Klinkhammer (7th) then let me know. Kassian + Schroeder + Hansen for Riberio
  7. Kassian+Booth+Hansen+3rd for Riberio. Deal?
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