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Conversation Between ******2017 and Kakaroach

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  1. Yeah, and hopefully the Rays make it instead of the Sox too.
  2. Haha nice, I know I'll be cheering you fellas in the playoffs.
  3. I don't think so...yeah I think my last mid-term was yesterday so I'm good. Shouldn't you be celebrating with The Prince?
  4. Yeah, I think its me.
  5. Nice, I went to a minor league game this year. Salt Lake Bees FTW!
  6. Haha yeah, Miz is hit or miss with me. I think I'll join you guys for this week's raw then.
  7. Me too, outside of some indy dvds. I should join in on the igts some time.
  8. Oh lame, those are the threads I don't usually post in.
  9. lolnice Do you even post in the wrestling forum?
  10. Haha did you make that? Thats freaking awesome!
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