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Conversation Between ******2017 and Kakaroach

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  1. Are you serious? Damn man thats fantastic. I thought you went to school or something.
  2. Damn good on ya man. Does it pay well?
  3. I dunno. Hows the graphic design thing working out?
  4. Yeah, a new hotel opened up like 3 blocks from my place. Thats gotta be it. Glad to see you are still here though.
  5. I'm not even sure anymore...
  6. Yah, its been a while.
  7. Ha so strange mine is to the right. Towards Cincinnati...
  8. Hows it hanging? Not good being a Brew Crew I bet.
  9. Bahahaahha. You sure know how to make a fella feel at home.
  10. I miss all my PSDers. I need to get you guys on FB or something.
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