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Conversation Between RedandGold_35 and Norm

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  1. You can leave the order as is for me.
  2. If you want the McCoy trade to happen in the mock you and the other GM need to agree to it and I'll process it. If not, fine with me.
  3. The draft has BEGUN. Please review the Rules which are in the lounge thread HERE (I added a new one this time #14) Also please review the few posts in the draft thread HERE.

    If you have NOT made a post in the lounge thread, please do so, just to check in and prove you're around. If you don't do this soon I will have you replaced.

    (This is a mass VM so if it doesn't apply to you, just ignore it.)

    Have fun guys!
  4. ur up
  5. go edit that post blank if it wasnt ur pick
  6. on the clock bud
  7. 8 days 23 hours and change (I did not look that up)
  8. Tell me about it. The draft is less than two weeks away and if I had hair long enough I'd be pulling it out already.
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