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Conversation Between BranWingss and KingsnQueens7

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  1. Lol at you not thinking they're a playoff team.
  2. PHI defense is questionable and you don't know what to expect from Steve Mason. Right now for the NYI it's up for there players, specifically the core - Tavares, Okposo, Nelson, Strome, CDH to improve. We have excellent center depth now with Grabovski and Nielsen, we have a lot of depth on the team overall now.

    I don't think the NYI are a bubble team, but they can make a splash in the playoffs and be a 1st round/ 2nd round team it's really up to the players.
  3. Columbus finished 9th (West) and then 7th (East). Philadelphia makes the playoffs more times than not. You're honestly 1) a homer and 2) bipolar.
  4. No, you are just ignorant saying CLB and PHI are better then the NYI on paper when the moves Garth made yesterday for defense men our defense looks arguably better then PHI, and CLB has not even resigned one of there best forwards
  5. You are honestly the biggest bipolar moron.
  6. Otv
  7. Isn't Homie OTC?
  8. Otc
  9. Join the chatzy
  10. Yo u on?
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