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Conversation Between BranWingss and redwhiteandblue

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  1. If you're interested in still participating in the Dynasty league, I'm going to plan on closing off sign ups and setting a draft date Friday afternoon. You've been PMed the details to sign up.
  2. Please check your PMs for info regarding hte Dynasty Hockey League!
  3. Otc
  4. Up.
  5. Otc
  6. Checkbin
  7. If you have time to be a GM and help run it by allnmeans join. If not, I'm sure we can find you a co. Social media thing helps out too.
  8. Meh, idk. If I was GMing I would co, everyone gets pissy because I get busy and have a social life. I'm considering it.

    I wouldn't be opposed to helping run it though, if that's needed.
  9. Signup
  10. Nhlrd. Singup
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