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Conversation Between Chronz and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. So regarding that Westbrook live ball turnover stats:

    Westbrook's is slightly higher than Harden's.
  2. Doubt it. Lot of the public analytic models don't love the Twolves interestingly (or not as much as their Vegas line). But even if they beat that Vegas line, most MVPs come from teams with 50+ wins- highly doubt they reach that (near lock they don't). So highly doubt he gets MVP talk. Team won't be good enough (even if he is).
  3. Yo, does KAT have a chance at MVP this year ala Rose back when Thibs joined cuz the odds are too sick to ignore
  4. Idk, forgot their names already lol, plus they didn't give me any contact info. Would have to look it up in the Sloan booklet. One of them used to be an intern with the Rockets though.
  5. Who dat?
  6. Clips actually have analytics guys- sorta surprised.
  7. You might find this list interesting:

    It's a list of good bball sites/resources/etc.
  8. You hear about Dean O going to the Kings?
  9. Yeah I have to write something up this week lol. But yeah based on the people there, I think there'll definitely be some good research/articles.
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