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Conversation Between Chronz and KnicksorBust

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  1. Check your PMs.
  2. Sorry for not pming last night. Got in a drunken fight with me lady
  3. Yeah man im reviewing them tryna work quickly.
  4. Let me know what you think of my bids bro. Gotta submit in 45 minutes.
  5. Heading out for work and I cant check on my phone for some reason. I did read it tho, I never played this sort of game so dont know what to tell ya right now
  6. Hey you get my PM?
  7. More my style, Im down partner
  8. Any interest in doing the all-time auction redraft? I might "come out of retirement" to play again but no way do I have the time to do it by myself. Plus this is my MJ with the Wiz return not baseball MJ so I want a good partner haha.
  9. If i bet a measly 10 dollars i will make 450. That was yesterday tho, B.S. might sway ****
  10. What are they?
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