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Conversation Between Chronz and valade16

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  1. Well Ewing is definitely wrong on that one lol

    That is in essence part of what I'm saying, and the only real reason I'm saying something so obvious is before you a lot of people defending LeBron were in denial about it.
  2. Sucks that they closed it, thought it was going pretty good in there. Still, yes chewing did in fact make the Bosh vs DG defensively claim. Great teams tend to have the best 3rd best player if that's all you guys are saying
  3. Blake is not a natural shooter though, neither are Bynum or Rondo. All 3 were fairly bad shooters. As you say Wade was a pretty good midrange shooter. He is shooting 32.4% on 2.8 attempts per game. He is a capable 3pt shooter who can make them if left open. Which is my point.

    As for their not being a transitive property, that isn't entirely true. Talk to PSK more since he knows more than I but he saw someone who posited a correlation between FT% and anbility to shoot the 3. The formula is 3pt% / 2 - .05.

    Blake .666 FT% = projected 28.3 3pt% (actual 26.6%)
    Rondo .605 FT% = projected 25.5 3pt% (actual 29.1%)

    The caveat is that they needed to be a natural shooter to begin with, which none of those 3 are (and their FT% support that). Certainly not a perfect correlation but a general one and in this way we can predict a general idea of how players could shoot from 3.
  4. **** maybe he can start teaching Blake Griffin who has taken YEARS to develop some semblance of a jumper that has been up and down the last 2 years combined. Wade was a pretty good mid range shooter in his day, especially considering most were off the dribble yet despite putting the work in, hes still not spacing the floor and Rondo has declined tremendously from even his modest improvements. We'll see when Rolo starts but its dependent on the player. Bynum practiced for years and it never came out.

    Older players not shooting the 3 isn't overblown simply because your theory has proven no sort of transitive property, its not like you would know the number he shoots from 3 based on any sort of correlation with other shooting efficiency metrics
  5. I will be interested to see how long until Rolo starts shooting 3's. He isn't really a natural shooter so I bet it will be harder for him to pick it up than guys like Pau or Horford. But amazingly we can already see my theory in effect on Rolo just from a shorter distance:

    before this season he took 6.1% of his shots from 16-23 ft. this year he is taking 23.8% of his shots from that distance and making 42.9% of them. So this being the first real year he started shooting midrange shots and he seems to be doing fairly well.

    As for Wade, he's actually shooting the highest 3PT% of his career this year. Which I think was what I was trying to say, not that anyone can just pick up shooting 3's and be a good 3pt shooter, but that most players who are decent mid range shooters can become a capable 3pt shooter relatively quickly and the idea that older players wouldn't have been able to shoot the 3 is very overblown.
  6. Did you hear what Robin Lopez said today, "Robin Lopez revealed he's been working on 3-pt shot but it's not "game ready."

    Wonder how long until hes comfortable, I remember Andrew Bynum practicing them but being discouraged for doing so. Chicago BADLY needs the spacing and Wade/Rondo haven't exactly improved their range despite the work put in.
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