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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and MarcCrawford

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  1. didn't see your VM and yea it has to be that deal or nothing because of my cap situation
  2. I'll do the deal you offered yesterday if that interests you more.
  3. Will hammer details within the nxt few hr leaving work
  4. get back to me about that trade offer.
  5. I can do Orr with 400k retained for Urbom straight up. Post if you want.
  6. I really don't value Reimer at all. Think he's a dime a dozen. Take him and the pick out, then, or I can up it to a 4th
  7. If Reimers included the pick should be a 2nd.
  8. Alex Urbom and a 6th for Reimer and Or with 400k retained?
  9. Sounds good, who's the prospect? and all the big boys are gone up front. Gunnerson is available if he interests you, Reimer is available, and Brodziak is too (got him from Min)
  10. 400k and I can give you an okay prospect. I'd like to get my hands on Kessel, of possible, maybe in a deal with Zajac going your way
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