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Conversation Between LionsFan..LOL and Rivera

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  1. please update your TLC prediction thread. Card slightly changed
  2. No problem. You got bigger things to worry about than the PPV. All the best wishes on that front, while I am at it.
  3. Go add Brock and Braun to your prediction thread my bad
  4. Much appreciated my friend. I just noticed that. Thanks!
  5. Theres one obvious prediction question I missed and just included. Dont want you to lose points my friend. Its only one bonus question to edit
  6. Haha I know. He was on his last legs anyway He knew that. I just wish it wasn't you who made the thread :/ There's no way croon can make a dupe either. His posting style was to unique
  7. It really is a stupid reason to get permabanned I agree 100% with that sentiment. Unfortunately the points system permabanned him because he accumulated over 25 points during his tenure on PSD. Its a flawed system imo but its what I have to work with.
  8. I love you but you permabanned croon! Why did it have to be you to make the thread? #Freethecroon. The post that got him permabanned was funny though!
  9. Yea but my Sig is correct saddler got beat. And I didn't allow Megatron to go off he had less than a 100. I can't believe we lost to you twice on some crazy comebacks. My psd pride took a hit lol. At least the Sox are one win away!
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