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Conversation Between LionsFan..LOL and GunFactor187

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  1. Abandoned us I see
  2. Holy **** that was a great throwback. Look at all those names posting in that that just looks so old. Awesome but old.
  3. Oh god I forgot about the garbage forum. Pretty sure there are still some porn threads in there that did not get hard deleted during the porn-spamming days. I loved reading the old deleted threads, especially the Pistons forum. Tronics left some gems. The mod forum used to have a real active OT thread but IDK if that's still there or not. That was fun.
  4. Meh, lol. The Garbage forum is the only Mod forum that I really like to rummage around haha. Any suggestions on which amenities I should take advantage of? Lol.
  5. Haha right! Talk about a total role reversal. I have no idea why I am not grey'd but I'm not complaining. Liking the perks so far?
  6. Gotta be honest with you...definitely going to take some getting used to seeing you as a regular member and myself in Mod Looks SO weird man.
  7. Don't remind me about the bickering man lol. Been a mod on other sites before in years' past. But I definitely will have fun rummaging through the deleted posts and threads haha. I also lmao @ modding the Tigers forum as I BARELY even touch that.
  8. Enjoy all the privileges (access to deleted threads, posts etc)! Also the daily whining lol
  9. Gotta say, I have A LOT more fun live tweeting games on Twitter. Lol.
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