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Conversation Between mgjohnson7851 and unleashthebeast

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  1. Yeah I sent it last night, but I resent it just now.
  2. I'm pretty sure I sent it in already. I'll do it again though.
  3. I'm sorry that I'm hounding you haha I just have 2 corresponding moves after this one so I wanna make sure that this one is actually posted
  4. Bae bae bae
  5. Hey bud just let me know when you send it in, nice dealing
  6. no interest in that pm offer?
  7. hey dude, so what are ya thinking?
  8. He's got an $18M cap hit so I'm not sure how much value you're looking for? I got the Browns, what player are you looking at?
  9. i can move Ryan Tannehill depending on what you can offer
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