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Conversation Between Lakers211221 and nutty

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  1. Yeah, we all don't have to agree, but people need to give rational explanations at the very least.
  2. You don't do this, but I hate when someone has an opinion then someone else calls them a dumbass for having it just b/c they don't agree. I love having the adult discussions (similar to what you and I had earlier this past week with the Josh McDaniels topic).... I absolutely hate the "you and I don't agree, so I am going to try to insult you instead" discussions...
  3. I call it like I see it...people don't have to agree with me, that's fine, but at least have a rational argument...simply "Alex Smith sucks" and "We need Donovan" doesn't work for me LOL
  4. I remember when you used to be so nice to most of these posters. Now it seems you are tired of the BS and not afraid to call them out! LOL

  5. I can't stand him
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