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Conversation Between RedSoxtober and Pittz

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  1. The problem is we're not even reading Faulkner haha. I would have no problem with the course if it were literature based, but the professor has turned it into a history course. Since I'm minoring in English and history has always been my least favorite subject (except for specific cases, e.g., Roman history), it's been a huge disappointment.
  2. Southern lit will do you some good if you come down as a scout for the Drive! Then again, there's only so much Faulkner you can deal with in any calendar year.
  3. If I were looking at a transcript I might ask a question about a withdrawal, but only if it was on topic (ie., withdrawing from a stats class if you're an accountant). Otherwise I would not care.

    And THAT will only count in terms of interview questions and the like. In reality most businesses won't give a rip. If a company has an HR department they would probably do a background check that includes transcripts but those tend to be focused on finding discrepancies.

    End result: Withdraw if you like but be prepared to explain it in terms of focusing on the material most important to your degree.
  4. I'll take a look at Frank's post but probably not until tonight (work, soccer practices).
  5. Yes, that'd be me posting on Frank's wall.
  6. The prospect updates are fun. I've gotten lazy and just started pulling the game summaries. It IS fun to follow the kids... one of the things I like most about living here in Greenville!
  7. Most perks are pretty boring: special tix, suites on the road, etc. Daisuke got a few new things tossed in because of his status when he signed. One of the guys (forget who) that signed with NYY got some special provisions for his wife to move her horses (she rides equestrian). Can't think of many other odd ones off the top of my head.
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