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Conversation Between Sick Of It All and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. Hey would you be able to receive PMs for the superhero re-draft for the voting process? Since I'm a commish and playing, don't want to tally them up myself. Thanks
  2. Hey I might need your help for the Supehero re-draft if that's ok. (tallying votes and with the polls in the entertainment forum if there are any issues)
  3. Hey, would you be interested in doing the superhero re-draft? We need 1 more person:
  4. Can you sticky the new matchup?

    And unsticky the other 2. Thanks
  5. Can we get the 2 new Superhero re-draft matchups stickied? (DC Conf Finals and Marvel Finals) You can unsticky the other 2. Thanks
  6. Hi, can we get the 2 new superhero re-draft matchups stickied? Also, I forgot to add a poll for the Team Evil turned Good vs. Team Tall matchup. Could you add a poll for it? Want to make votes public and close it within 3 days. Thanks a ton.
  7. Can we get the other matchup between quinnsanity and bwa stickied? You can remove the tall vs gun show matchup. Thanks
  8. Can you unsticky the other 2 matchups and sticky the new matchup (DC semis) The voting for team tall and gun show is still going on

  9. Could you unsticky the matchup between KJ/Lucky-Silent and sticky the matchup between Team Tall and Gun Show? Thanks. Also, maybe vote while you're at it
  10. Not sure if you guys have any more stickies but if not, one of the matchups ends tomorrow around 2pm (KJ-Lucky-Silent one).

    Thanks again
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