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Conversation Between Ezekial and BranWingss

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  1. I feel you man.... Here in Chicago no one gave a **** about the Blackhawks last year..

    Seriously... No one said a thing til they had the point streak this year. Not a ****ing thing, it's like they didn't exist last year.
  2. I have to pay too much every single year for NHL Centre Ice. The thing is, I'm fine with new fans. I cannot stand the cocky, irrogant fans that have been watching their team for a couple of seasons. Last year, when they barely made the playoffs, the NHL forum had Boom!, and that was pretty much it. I get it, it's probably hard. There's a lot of Canadian DRW fans. Yheir numbers were pathetic.
  3. Don't tell them that, it wasn't their fault... The owner made it so they couldn't follow their team.

    Cuz you know, them being on TV means they exist.... I have't followed the Wings for 10 years in Chicago or anything... I get that FSN Detroit here...........
  4. Simple. Blackhawk fans did not exist before 2007/2008.
  5. LOL ERIC DAZE!!!!!

    Dude, I was watching Hawks vs Preds(the year they won the cup) with 10 Hawks fans........... So I asked, who here knows Stevie Sulivan used to be the Hawks captain? 2 people knew, 1 hawks fan, and my brother.... A wings fan.....

    That's why I am biased lol
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