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Conversation Between Crackadalic and Hawkeye15

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  1. Woodson is tough to gauge going forward, for sure. I kinda agree on your opinion of where you currently are, but I also think a Melo/Stat foundation is going to hurt over the next 2 years.

    Wolves future is bright, if Rubio gets back 100%. We need an attacking wing, and to amnesty Darko and get a pogo stick to block shots now and then.
  2. I mean will see. What woodson does in terms of accountability and preaching defense is what a lot of the old school coaches does. You can see where he learn it from since he was under larry brown and won a chip in detroit. I honestly rather have Doc Rivers cause I think his coaching is fantastic(which I hate because I hate the C's) but I'm happy what Woodson is doing. If we end up a 7th and 8th seed and face Mia/Chi and play them tough to at least 6-7 games or Win the division and make it to the 2nd round I don't see why not give him a year of coaching these guys

    Im actually curious how the Wolves are doing. It must suck having Rubio out. Been a fan of his since his 08 showing in the Olympics. I think Beasley should be traded for a legit 2 guard IMO but i wanted to know whats your take on the wolves and them moving forward
  3. So Woodson is your guy?

    Man, its tough watching the 1st year of Stats decline (that is what is happening). Hopefully he takes his offseasons seriously.

    The defense will get better. Shumpert has great defensive potential, you just need a coach who can use Melo as a wing SF who deserves iso's off unbalanced sets, and hopefully Stat adjusts his game to make up for less explosiveness.

    You are finally going to be in the playoffs for a while. Lets see what happens.
  4. I honestly feel like we have a shot to at least win the division.

    It's only 5 games but I have honestly never in the last 10 years seen these guys play the type of defense they have played before. If Melo can truly buy in then thats huge though he needs to work on hitting shots. Amare's knee's is always a concern. His lack of working out in the off season because of resting his back and gaining 10 lbs of muscle has really hurt him but he is finding his stride. He is also,shockingly,playing D though he will never have the basic fundamentals down on the defensive end but if he can at least TRY thats good enough for me

    In terms of moving forward it really depends. If we can at least keep Lin/Fields/JR(PO)/Novak and actually have a training camp with the mindset that Defense wins championships then I have not doubt in my mind they can compete for one next season though don't be surprise if it happens prematurely this year
  5. what is your prognosis of the Knicks going forward? What do they possess, ad what do they need?
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