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Conversation Between tmacsc2 and Quinnsanity

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  1. Thanks for the message, I think I notice it because I'm a writer and I've sort of trained myself to have an eye for details in that regard. It's not the sort of thing I'd think most people consciously notice, but is put in as a sort of unconscious trigger to get the religious crowd more invested in the movie. That's just a theory though, truthfully I have no clue what motivates these things. Thanks for being so polite about it too, always nice to see someone who can disagree with you in a respectful way. That's rare on this site.
  2. Man, you got good eyes for that religious stuff in movies, I don't ever notice anything as that. I dunno if I just choose not to or what. Thanks for sharing your thoughts tho I definitely enjoyed that. While I don't agree with being so harsh on the plots of the movies, I do see what you mean. Thanks again man!
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