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Conversation Between turnaround3 and BDawk4Prez

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  1. I'm in a bit better financial spot this season, what are you proposing exactly on the seats?
  2. Tried calling you the other night, or maybe I text, canít remember.
  3. My ****ing bad. On a damn 6th grade trip for weekend. I'll try and find a way to do it when we arrive.

    I'm good for it (all but 2 dollars usually), don't delay it because of me. Set the date.
  4. Lol.

    I appreciate the offer but no, Phillips is bad and getting worse. If you find a way to work a three way deal where I get a good 2B, I'm all ears.
  5. You need a 2b guy, I have Phillips. You interested?
  6. I've got interest in Upton. I'm willing to move Kershaw, but would want some pitching back. Something like a Kershaw/Swisher for Upton/Cole type deal.
  7. Thanks, sorry about that. I appreciate it man.
  8. Sent for $48

    Enjoy your leftover 50 cents.
  9. Can you resend me a bill for 48.50, instead of 50? I know it's a pain, but I bought a 50 visa to cover the league, but there is a 1.50 fee. Bill me again for the 1.50, that's cool. Otherwise I have this card that I'm stuck with. Please?
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