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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and Jeffy25

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  1. No need to apologize, I'm not even a trainer myself. We just disagreed there

    Because of all of our great interactions in the past, I can't see a scenario where you'd need to apologize for any comments. I love conversing with you.
  2. Hey man, I apologize for my trainer comment. It was broad, and pretty stupid. I agree most trainers have the right heart and motivations, I shouldn't have stated otherwise.

  3. I did, I have a bit more free time now, so I volunteered to go blue again.

    Congrats man, I did the same thing. Married young, was never really in love, thought it was supposed to be what you do. 2nd time around is scary, because you don't want to make the same mistake again, but you realize what you really want, and also realize you need to be the "right person" as well.

    Again, congrats dude
  4. Did you change colors since I was last here? lol
  5. Yes sir, June 30th. Second marriage, will give this one a try I'm joking of course. I married for all the wrong reasons the first time (child out of wedlock mainly). This one was for me, and I couldn't be happier
  6. you got married? Congrats if so
  7. I have no idea why I am so interested in it either. I just keep coming back for some reason
  8. having fun with the Kobe defenders? (I changed what I actually call them, rulz is rulz).

    I stopped that battle forever ago. Short sighted as they come.
  9. Basketball hasn't caught up to baseball analytically. You can find assist percentage, but I am not aware of "missed assists", or anything like that. And if we look at a guy like Rondo, when you watch him play, you can see he obviously pads his assist totals, versus a player like Paul, who is simply making the right play, etc.

    However, when it comes to scoring, rebounding, etc, ie, YOU did it individually, there are easy measures.
  10. Thanks.

    I'm also interested in assists. It seems that players would get assists and it would be largely out of their control.

    It's obviously based on someone else scoring. Maybe you don't get a turnover because someone else saved your ***. Maybe you get a turnover because someone wasn't paying attention. Maybe you get an assist because Lebron was able to be a play maker off your pass, rather than setting someone up really well.

    Anything on true assists?
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