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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and Vee-Rex

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  1. Ha, thanks! Likewise, man.

    It's easy for me to be an ******* in the regular NBA topics but the Korver thread is a real discussion and it does no one any good to be condescending in that. Who knows how many people are reading (but not commenting) so I'm just happy to be able to share my thoughts.
  2. Hey man, just want to say I respect the way you handled the Korver thread. The world is a better place with men like you. Willing to absorb, but keep cool and convey an articulated opinion at all times.
  3. I am ecstatic!

    And pretty obsessed too. At this point I'm just hoping we can make the playoffs. I've spent the last 20 years watching us lose and now I feel like we finally have what can be a strong team. I wish I could fast forward to September - I'm probably taking a vacation day following the first game of the season just so I can pump myself full of alcohol.
  4. You excited about your Browns man?
  5. I will try and watch a few more Boston games this year, and check Kyrie out.

    I know I am super hard on him, but I just despise guys who come and go when it comes to effort, and guys who just don't care about defense at all. Maybe KI has changed a bit. I will say, I was a fan in 2016 when he was helping put the nail in the coffin of those ****ers in GS haha
  6. Congrats dude, great series, you guys finally end a serious city drought

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