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Conversation Between Hawkeye15 and valade16

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  1. well, join the club. I quit on my Wolves months ago, and have no desire to go back until Glen Taylor is gone, and the team is in different hands, different direction. At least you are just snakebitten. My team is a collective bunch of idiots.

    Just feel bad for you guys. Best "what if" team ever. Ugh
  2. I know. I'm close to just quitting basketball altogether. This is ridiculous.
  3. god dude, can your team EVER catch a break when it comes to injuries?
  4. I have no idea what song it was. But clearly I overstated my love for GNR, to myself...
  5. Yes, GNR is my favorite band and that's an amazing story lol. Did you like get really into Paradise City or something while drunk and think "I need all of their stuff" lol
  6. I just read an old post of yours, about GNR being maybe your favorite band. Did I ever tell you my GNR story?

    Around 2012, I was at work Sunday morning, and I get this e-mail alert, then another, then another, totaling 8 of them, all from amazon regarding a recent purchase. It seems that the prior night, I was drunk (as usual), must have heard a song, then proceeded to order every single GNR album possible. My ex said I was in the kitchen doing some stupid snake like dance, and spent $110 on a bunch of albums I don't even like. To this day, I own every single possible GNR release, and I barely like the band.
  7. hey man, I changed your LMA MVP thread title to "MVP Discussion, Part 1". May as well keep that thread going to discuss the early MVP candidates.

  8. Yeah lol. It's funny because I was on the Rudy Fernandez hype train when he first came to Portland too, but then I wised up.

    As for the list, it's like he made a list of "guys who are between 6'2"-6'6" and averaged around 20 PPG at some point. I mean, King and Bron on the list because they played some SG at some point?

    Does that make Magic a Top 10 C all-time for his work in that one finals?
  9. You are aware Fernandez couldn't get playing time due to Roy, right? Once a spanish player gets slighted, Crooner labels whomever is at fault pure crap. Therefore Roy is crap in his mind because he stood in the way of Rudy getting huge minutes.
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