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Conversation Between elate and Shaiza

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  1. It's a no go right now, I apologize.
  2. Just wondering where we stand on the whole redraft/sim league situation. If it is a no-go I am going to cancel my domain and such.
  3. It's a solid idea but I'm not sure if we are taking the games in that direction right now. I'll let you know. We're gonna take a month or two break.
  4. Interest to know your thoughts on the PM I sent you. I think BranWingss and I could run it
  5. When you get a chance, I'd like to make a few changes to the Sim League threads. I'll be around most of the day.
  6. Let me know what's up when you know. Thanks.
  7. We aren't looking to sell but we are trying to move a defenseman. If we do get someone back, that deal would be something we'd consider.
  8. Caron+2013 3rd Round+Florek (7.0 C) for Ryan Whitney.
  9. If the price is right
  10. Are you looking to trade Whitney? He's buried in your 3rd pairing there...
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