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Conversation Between elate and boilerguy2412

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  1. Yes, we are going to pass on the offer. Sorry.
  2. u hear from your co
  3. Sam Gagner + 2nd Round for Stastny
  4. Your team in the NHL Simulation has been lost due to inactivity. You can reclaim your team, however, by signing back in. We are entering the offseason which includes the Entry Draft, resignings, and FA.
  5. That is good to know, but an article or two or anything like that would really help generate outside interest.
  6. don't worry i am checking it out, don't really have many moves to make waiting for the offseason
  7. The NHL Simulation has gone through two simulations (30 days total). Your activity would be much appreciated.
  8. good to hear, hop on over and reconfirm.
  9. oh nice you can count me in

    don't have to download anything. just click and explore
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