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Conversation Between DESERTDWELLER and dbroncos78087

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  1. I didnt want to derail the thread, but you said that Rotoworld also had the Cutler story, but if you look at the link they provide it is the same one that got posted. So really that is just them spreading the chain letter to another person. I tried to make it clear in another post i dont care whether he got a shot or not, a tear is a tear, but i was just saying that blogs arent exactly fact checked or unbias sources.

    Sorry if i didnt make that clearer.
  2. I need to slow down when i scroll down the page. I thought for a second there was a thread about Jason Campbell in the HOF section.
  3. Phillip Rivers gets Falcon Punched:

    Go to about 7:50 in the video. Andra Davis just falcon punches him.
  4. Break his face! Take his wife!
  5. Brady is a wuss.

    Go beat the Pats!
  6. Ehh it isnt a big deal, they are both adjusting. It looked like from the highlight he threw it off his back foot.
  7. 5/10 0 TD/1 INT...just saying. But at least he didnt throw for 3 INTs.
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