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Conversation Between Raps08-09 Champ and killthesux

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  1. My exam is the 2nd week of July so if you can start it with enough interest, I will run it with you.
  2. I probably wont be starting it until the 10th of July as of now
  3. Sorry but I got an exam coming up in early July. I probably won't be on PSD much until then.
  4. So I finally got around to asking TT about putting a site wide announcement for the Pokemon Battle League, If i need a Co to help me run it, would you be down for it?
  5. you send a list
  6. You are on deck. Send a list.
  7. You're OTC, you have 30 mins.
  8. Yea sure.
  9. Hey do you remember when we did the Pokémon League on PSD? Would you be interested in starting it again in a slightly different draft format?
  10. Nah. I'm absolutely clueless about football lol.
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