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Conversation Between Raps08-09 Champ and mrblisterdundee

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  1. But yea next time send a list and let peiple know you will be sending a list in the lounge. since that other guy in a euro timrzone so the timjng might be weird and you might get skipped
  2. I gotnyou Pistol Pete and Sam Jones.

    Dennis Johnson was my guy so I picked him at 75 lol sorry
  3. Here are my preferred picks for Nos. 74 and 76, in priority from left to right:
    • No. 74: Pete Maravich, Sam Jones,
    • No. 76: Dennis Johnson, Sam Jones, Nate Archibald
  4. What happened to the 30 minute rule?
  5. the other guy lives in like europe so he might log on late. unless you cehck in first thing tomorrow morning or something
  6. I'm live.
  7. You will probably need to send a list. otherwise you only get 30 mins.
  8. You are almost up. Send a list.
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