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Conversation Between StickyGreenFan and Norm

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  1. He was 5x worse before. He was going off on people personally all over the place. He told me I was a cousin ****ing hick lol.

    **** liket hat. He got warned and now he's only half trolling..he's a Vikings fan and he has an entire 9 posts in their forum.

    Just a troll is all he is.
  2. didnt see this message til after lol oh well he took both posts down, that dude is a dbag though. no reason to dont talk down to people like that. well, i guess when ur behind a computer u can Lol
  3. Told you. lol
  4. Edit that post so that guy doesn't get you infracted for saying Dbag. He's reporting all my posts as we speak.
  5. yea i caught that Lol even thought it was only on for like 2 seasons that was one of the funniest shows.
  6. I'm glad someone laughed at my Dylan quote. I didn't think anyone got the reference.
  7. damn lol
  8. It was those two guys conspiring to get Starks and they were giving you **** saying how mad you were getting over it lol I think it's a lost cause dude.
  9. says i dont have permission to access that link u sent, and i thought u were gonna help me save starks!
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