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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and DIRKDIGGGL3R

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  1. OTC my man
  2. I'd be looking at McDonagh and Hall from your lineup brother.

    What are your thoughts?

    Weber and Hertl for Mcdonagh and Hall?
  3. Check out my team, PM me with what you'd need for either guy.
  4. OTC again bro
  5. OTC big boy
  6. Make your pick sucka
  7. Not sure, I would be willing to take Kassian for a slight upgrade over Cole? Whos your third pair lefty?
  8. What you want for Hemsky? I'm pretty happy with my team at the moment
  9. Any interest in Hemsky (RW) for a RW of yours? I feel with Yakupov, Toffoli, and Hemsky all on the right side I'm a little too soft there.
  10. If it's Connor Brown he can't be traded twice but yea seems fair by the looks of it.
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