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  1. yeah I saw that on facebook today
  2. He should sign with the Yankees
  3. ok good. I've only done that a couple of times and i quit because of the heat. well, the reason I was using hibernate is because logging in took forever. but I just cleaned the dust out about 5 minutes ago and it started up really fast again.
  4. when it's on or off?
  5. I've just shut my laptop and put it in my backpack a few times, but when I do it get's really hot.

    and I don't hate Macs, but I like to give you and stam a hard time about it. I wouldn't buy a Mac though because I think their over priced. Alienware is more over priced though and that's PC
  6. I've been doing it a lot and my buddy said it's bad for my RAM. but when I look it up i don't see anything bad about it.
  7. is it bad to put a laptop in hibernate mode a lot?
  8. yup. their is an app. but if it works is a different question
  9. may as well not be.... but $50 is high. they might not sell too many at that price
  10. oh my god, that's a classic
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