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Conversation Between JOSKOMANG4 and joeman785

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  1. You're up
  2. Yes. I will remind him again.

    Again. 1st rd pick(19th overall), 51st overall(2nd), & 6th rd pick(179th) for your 1st rd pick(10th overall).
  3. Have you messaged Norm about our trade? I don't wanna message him also if you did.
  4. that's fine man. I still want the deal.

    So my 1st rd pick(19th overall), 2nd rd pick(51st overall), & 6th rd pick(179th overall) for your 1st rd pick(10th overall).

    good stuff.

    The deal was sent & approved by Norm. The will PM again once the draft officlally starts
  5. It seems like you have the 19th pick and not the 20th.
  6. I accepted your offer.
  7. Trade Offer:

    - Giants offering 1st rd pick(20th overall), 2nd rd pick, & 6th rd pick to Titans for 1st rd pick(10th overall).
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