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Conversation Between JLynn943 and Norm

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  1. You're up for adopt a packer
  2. Yeah I should stay out. I'm liable to snap on someone and the mods are looking for any reason to put my balls in a vice again and get me out of here.

    I don't think I broke any rules with it at all, but who knows how they might view my "tone" (They banned me for tone once. I didn't insult anyone or do anything. banned for "tone") lol

    PSD is great.
  3. haha, I saw that. you'd think one of them would sit back and realize what they're actually writing and realize just how insane they are. but no, they just find a way to somehow make it worse lol.

    unfortunately I probably get a bit too riled up by these threads. I shouldn't let it bother me because there are always going to be people on the wrong side of history, but man are they nuts lol. it's just the sociologist in me that feels the need to argue back I guess.
  4. One guy tried to use the Crusades as a ****ing reason why being gay was a choice.
  5. I'm not even some huge gay rights guy or anything. I just go after people who are being ignorant morons. I mean c'mon. Use some ****ing logic. Be a human being. They're doing nothing to you. Gays aren't sprayed with fire hoses like blacks were or anything but it cannot be easy being the way they are in this society right now. Then they insult them with the it's a chose **** and get so mad if it ever gets in the news.

    And the people so against it think monkeys can consent to sex and NO GAY RIGHTS BECAUSE ALIENS MIGHT EXIST ONE DAY.

    I mean, that was a real ****ing defense he used. You saw it lol
  6. Yeah, I've got absolutely no clue what's going on in their heads. People being gay also means that chimpanzees are going to consent to sex with humans via sign language, and then something about aliens, and before you know it we're probably all snorting coke off of baby animals.

    I wish I could say it was entertaining, but that would only be true if they didn't actually believe all the things that they're saying. and then all of the dodging questions, ignoring any time they're proven wrong, etc...
  7. Beastiality used to be okay (supposedly) so that means being gay isn't okay or something.

    I literally don't know what they're saying anymore. It's so far all over. It's like having sex wiht animals was bad, then good, then its bad again or omstehing. So that means what? Like I don't get any of that.

    Someone in some country in Africa that has two buildings married a kid. So that means pedophilia is okay or something so then that means being gay isn't okay.

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