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Conversation Between flips333 and dbroncos78087

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  1. Lol just saw you post about me quoting you using affect rather than effect. Just changed my post lol.
  2. Lil Rhody's GF sister would bend him her knee and say "who's your momma".
  3. Fox just doesn't seem to care about journalistic due-diligence. I still remember when Sean Hannity got busted for stealing Glenn Beck's thunder.
  4. That cracked me up... Thanks.
  5. In regards to the "college republicans" article that is off topic for the thread but still amusing. A sign I saw on my campus a year or so ago:

    "College Republicans: The best party on campus".
  6. Fair enough, i actually dont even remember what the situation was any more though. But i see your point. In my MIS (Management Info Systems) class our teacher told us of a study to determine whether people bought Prego or Ragu and they found that more people who bought Prego were cat owners and Ragu were dog owners (or vice versa) and there was a strong connection but absolutely no reason for it. Maybe that would have been a better example, although very strange.
  7. Yeah but you used the example in a situation where there was a logical conclusion that could be drawn, The best example for a rebuttal of something like this is to come up with a correlation that makes total sense and show how when looked at closely that correlation is caused by something else entirely. It's like birth order stuff... 1st borns do better, make more money, less mental illness than 2nd borns... but it's not the birth order that causes the difference but a diminished amount of resources (due to there being 2 children) that make it harder for #2 than #1. The correlation is true, but the cause is much more complex and not inevitable.
  8. I am aware that my example was absolutely ridiculous, i intended it to be though. My point was to make clear that causation and correlation are not even close to the same thing. Maybe it makes my point weaker by using a ridiculous example, but i wanted something strong and everyone loves pirates and global warming.

    Interesting read right there...
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