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Conversation Between flips333 and ewing

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  1. that was least funny comic i have ever read
  2. Not at all... I have great faith in science. But as someone who studies human behavior i am aware of the very human flaws of myself and other scientists.
  3. as a social scientist you must have little trust in your own intuition, surprising it doesn't seem that you were draw to this profession by being inherently ********
  4. i thought you might find this interesting, i think you maybe more in line with me with regards to how the left alienates its own. I think we see it all the time in the politics forum where the more liberal posters talk about how dumb the public is. well here is what those fools actually think:

    they are pretty ****ing liberal.
  5. K, i'm getting better getting over things
  6. Stop hitting yourself. I like arguing with those guys on that.
  7. please don't start a debate about who has "the burden of proof". I agree with ya, but a swear nothing makes me more want to punch myself in the face then people fighting over the "burden of proof"
  8. a much less grounded but fun and interesting podcast about spiritual experiences on shooms
  9. Not really. I mean academic stuff doesn't translate all that well
    L often.
  10. hey flips, could you recommend a site or text someone like me (a novel reader) could read that gets into the connections b/t emotion, identity, world view/perspective, and just dealing with ****? I find it interesting and it has a very practical purpose for /me.
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