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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and unleashthebeast

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  1. understandable
  2. Give me a second to look, but just as a heads up, I need one player in the deal who's equivalent or at least close. It's not gonna be a three mid round guys for him type of deal unless I really love the deal to the point where I can't turn it down.
  3. Whats the asking price for Seau? Ravens here. My clubby is updated and i have the pick on the clock which i will use either on a linemen or a tight end
  4. I'm not trading him
  5. oh ****, my bad haha. What for Tuck? I would send McPhee as a replacement, but what else would you want?
  6. You'll have to ask the Giants, traded him for Justin Tuck.
  7. What for Leon Hall? I am the Ravens, I would LOOOOOOOOVE Leon.
  8. Ok cool, lemme know
  9. let me think about it and i will get back to you
  10. What are you looking for? I haven't talked to my co yet or anything I just wanted to get a gauge. Rodgers, Raji and Matthews are off the table, but otherwise I'd probably at least talk about anyone.
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