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Conversation Between Quinnsanity and unleashthebeast

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  1. No idea what you're cooking up in general, but if you end up needing a WR, Jermaine Kearse and Jesse James for Julius Thomas?
  2. Dude get in the chat asap I'm trying to make a deal and I need you for something.
  3. Would you be interested in Roberson for 14? It would be dependent on Livingston being available.
  4. Like me some Blake:

    Pistol Pete/Dennis Scott
    Larry Bird/Bob Dandridge
    Joakim Noah/Dan Roundfield
    Marc Gasol/Mychal Thompson
  5. Naw man
  6. Squid for Pierce base?
  7. UTB my good man, my 2/3/6 for your 1/5/8.
  8. Karlos Williams me.
  9. nah i want wagner too. And don't act like you arent franchising KO lol. I can add something small for all 3
  10. No I need Wagner with Kelechi as a UFA. I'll do Juscyzk (sp?) I really like him IRL but honestly I'm just not gonna use a fullback in this game. Boom. You get your obscure Raven. So B-will and Kyle for Darby? We good?
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