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Conversation Between Blink and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. <3

  2. Lmao at your profile pic <3
  3. If I could I would lol. The past history they have far outweights anything I can say in their defense sadly.
  4. No strings you can pull? Haha
  5. Most likely no
  6. Any chance we get Gram and Faded back?
  7. I guess its because the pistons have grown on me over the years. I've always been a big 4 sports guy and college sports came later in life for me.
  8. LF I cant believe you dont watch college basketball! But waste time watching Pistons haha.

    Seriously though..If you have time watch any Big Ten this year. Indiana, Michigan, MSU, and Ohio St are sooooo good.
  9. 210 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal.
  10. Lmao wow. Never read that before.
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